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Helping British Columbia teachers to better implement the new curriculum design. Teachshare bridges the gap between educators and lesson plans that reflect the new learning outcomes. This application was built and presented to industry experts during our third term. My role consisted of project manager, user experience designer, and content creator. Ensuring communications, timelines, and project milestones were met, as well as researching and implementing effective copy and design principles.


Stay up to date with your favourite subjects

The timeline is curated to your needs. Organized and personalized all by you. The user controls what they want to see at all times. This creates better organization and efficiency for teachers on the go.


Search for lesson plans and subjects of your interest

With the new curriculum, teachers need reliable and organized lesson plans catered to providing the necessary learning outcomes. With teachShare, educators won’t need to scour the web for hours to put together a lesson. With the discover page, teachers will be able to find exactly what they need in less time.

Problem & Solution

Our goal was to build a mobile application for British Columbian teachers that would aid them in building, sharing and ranking lesson plans among fellow teachers. The main findings were that teachers were not able to produce effective lesson plans due to a curriculum change made by the province. Teachers now had the task of ensuring that the three new core competencies, as part of the new curriculum, be incorporated. Additionally, teachers were sacrificing much of their personal time to create lesson plans because of these new curriculum changes. Previously teachers had many resources to reference when creating their own lessons, now with the changes they needed to re-think and restructure them completely.

Taking our research and using an agile method for design meant valuing our user and their interactions. We wanted to ensure that if BC teachers were to use this app, they would be able to navigate it without confusion. Below is how we mapped out the design experience through use of building user personas and corresponding task models. This helped us understand the mind of the users by assessing their pain points and overall goals .

Throughout our design process we were in communications with an elementary school teacher from Richmond, BC. He served as a very valuable test subject for this process. We started with paper prototypes built on Balsamiq and after we felt we had a great design foundation for the application, we built our high fidelity prototypes on Adobe Illustrator. With continued usability testing of our high fidelity prototypes, which continued to help us gain confidence in the way our user experience and design was setup. It was imperative that we validated our design and structure of the application before the development team commenced coding.

UX/UI Design

Final Product

Once development was complete, we further tested with peers and our test subject to ensure that the design process was intact, as well as to keep track of any bugs or glitches in the code. Our development team worked diligently to fix any last glitches before presenting to industry experts at BCIT. We received many questions and enthusiasm from the expert panel on the potential of this application. teachShare was a testament of doing good user research and design through countless testing. We created a product that BC teachers would be excited to use.

Create Lesson Plans

Create and share lesson plans with other teachers. This helps with the learning curve of the new curriculum requirements while providing teachers the opportunity to collaborate together on lessons.

Bookmark Lessons

With bookmarking, teachers can save and share these lesson plans all at their own convenience. Quick bookmarking for easy access at any later time.

Gain Appreciation

Teachers can like and comment on each others lesson plan posts to encourage positive feedback. This helps them push one another to produce even better quality content for future lesson plans.